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So, my thoughts on your Weezer cover. Overall, I thought it was pretty good. You definitely seemed like you had a lot of fun with it. You asked for critiques, so I’ll point out a few thoughts I had. I’m no expert, so take this all with a grain of salt. The first bit of the song (and several parts throughout) seemed a bit nasally. It makes me wonder a little if you’d be better off singing in a lower range. Also, were you standing or sitting while singing the vocals? I know for some people it can make a real difference, and general consensus seems to be that standing is superior. The second time you did the chorus I thought was much improved over the first. I also especially liked the part of the song at 1:50, I think you nailed it. So yeah, those were my impressions, and like I said at the start, it was enjoyable and I definitely think you should stick with it. Keep it up man :)

Oh gosh thank you man!

I thought about doing the cover in a lower key (something my brother suggested after he heard it too), but I kinda wanted it to be a little bit closer to the original, so I guess a few sacrifices were made (one of them was changing the “but that’s just a stupid dream” part). I do sound pretty nasally, and that’s something I’m looking to improve. Vocals were recorded while I was standing (minus some of the background vocals which were added a day or two after I was done recording the lead vocals).

I’m glad that you liked the bridge though. That was honestly my favorite part to record. I intentionally made it sound like some sort of yelling singing (and a little raspy too if you notice carefully) to make it a bit more emotional sounding. I was going to make it a little slower and as a talking part like some other covers out there, but I decided not to.

I have to be honest though, the chorus track (you may not realize it until I mention it or if you listen to it carefully) has been a copy/paste for the first 3 parts, mainly because I wasn’t able to nail it as good as I did for the track (multiple takes can be exhausting, especially because of the higher key and the other bits). The only time that you’ll hear a different sounding chorus is right at the end. This is something I’m not going to repeat in the next cover.

But seriously. I appreciate your thoughts and critique. It’s something I I really need more of in order to know what I need to improve so that I can pull off another great cover in the future, and to basically abolish every bit of insecurity I had regarding my voice.

Thanks again c:



Here’s yet another awesome thing about Japan: Pigeon Mask Parties.

Whether they’re made of feathers or latex, hanging out in the park or at a bar, it’s clear that pigeons love to flock. Did you know that a group of pigeons is called a loft? That means you could also call these gatherings Loft Parties. It sounds like Pigeon Mask code.

Check out The Pigeon Mask website for more glimpses of our Pigeon Mask in the wild.

[Bottom photo via dots_and_loops via The Pigeon Mask]



The “Corruption in Gaming Journalism” issue that Wheaton is shooting down is why people are upset, btw.


Misogyny in video games and Wheaton calling it out is a good thing and a problem that DOES need to be addressed. However, if you don’t know about the Zoe Quinn issue and the stuff surrounding that (I.E. The corruption in gaming journalism and such), you might wanna go check that noise out. The fact that Wheaton is belittling the issue and making the responses seem like they’re just being douchy manbros when they’re not (As far as I could tell from the listed responses) is why people are upset. It’s why I’m upset. Just thought I should clarify.

I’ve been following this whole drama ever since it started, and honestly, it’s pretty sickening on both ends. Like yeah, no shit misogyny is a problem, but brushing off potential corruption, people being silenced for calling out said corruption (or even talking about it negatively), DCMA takedowns, and having industry “professionals” throwing shitty labels at people and calling them terrorists (someone literally said that he prefers ISIS over “Anti-Quinn folks”). That’s fucked up. Both sides are fucked up. While I don’t agree with how people have been harassing Quinn, Sarkeesian, and many others in the industry, I also don’t agree with how you’ve got morons like Phil Fish attacking someone who claimed to have been sexually harassed at a wedding, or basically playing “my issue is bigger than your issue, so your issue is irrelevant”, regardless of the evidence that popped up.

It’s a massive shit-fest, and it needs to end.









The internet’s most beloved geek, Wil Wheaton, calls out misogyny in gaming, and confronts the men who attack him for doing so. Incredible. 

Go fuck yourself Wheaton.




Jesus christ, what’s happening to everyone lately?

Lol he’s always been an ass kissing little twat, no surprise here.

"Nice guy" Wheaton

None of those comments were misogynist, they all only said “Hey let’s discuss the lack of journalistic integrity in gaming journalism.”

What a fucking shill.

yeah he’s just jumped on the bandwagon to save his *career*

Ugh, I can’t believe I was a fan of his.

Such a desperate douchefuck.


It’s here!

Big thanks to my buddy raynstrom for helping me out with mixing this and making it sound super rad!